A Beautiful Home Needs Beautiful Furniture

Furnish your rooms with charming pieces

You aren't like everyone else. You have a flair for the unique. Show off your eclectic style with equally daring furniture. Cactus Vintage Inc sells refurbished antique furniture and stylish home d├ęcor items. We'll even build a custom piece at your request.

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Learn how to keep your antique furniture flawless

Antique furniture requires special care. Keep it in good condition with these helpful tips:


Wipe up spills or water immediately


Don't use harmful aerosols to add shine


Use beeswax to wipe away dirt and buildup


Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight

Following these tips while paying close attention to changes in your antique piece will keep it in good condition for years to come.

If you have any questions regarding how to care for your specific piece of furniture, please call 806-381-2213 to speak with one of our restoration specialists.